Psychic Vampires/Energy Vampires: What Are They

How are you going to inform if an individual is a Psychic Vampire or Energy Vampire?

You’ll feel very tired and drained of your energy after being uncovered to a Psychic Vampire or Energy Vampire. You will really feel like all of your positive energy has just been zapped out of you. You could feel heaviness, depression, paralysis, or very unmotivated.

Some people get a headache or really feel extremely popular when round a Psychic Vampire.

The most effective way to tell if a person is a Psychic Vampire or an Energy Vampire is to stay within the present second and in contact with your feelings. Don’t listen to the person’s words, but instead watch their actions.

In case you watch their actions, you can see that they take a lot more than they give. Often they’re very jealous of other folks’s success. They’ll put other folks down with a view to build themselves up. Psychic Vampires often occasions will contradict everything you say and have an opposing opinion to your each idea. They tend in charge their problems on the world and everybody in it. They usually recognize what’s improper or lacking in every situation, person, and condition.

Are Psychic Vampires „bad“ people?


Nevertheless, until you’ve gotten attained a certain level of spiritual awareness, Psychic Vampires can prove to be self defeating in your journey toward self awakening. The savior should save himself or herself first. I consider in the beginning of our spiritual journey, we have to be very acutely aware of whom we select to closely associate with.

In my experience, I have discovered Psychic Vampires are just very misguided souls that have failed to acknowledge their true nature.

Often, Psychic Vampires are those that entertain excessive negative thoughts, are misidentified with their body, love relationships, possessions, and or accomplishments.

Many Psychic Vampires have low self worth and see their good as coming from outside of themselves. Due to their state of inner disconnection, they have turn into big sponges soaking up everybody else’s positive energy.

In a nutshell, they’re managed by their „Ego Mind“ as Eckhart Tolle, Marianne Williamson, the Course in Miracles, and Jap Thought define it.

How can I protect myself from psychic vampires?

Flip your own internal light on; be the light of your world! When you can keep centered in love and light, folks like this they are going to either change or fall out of your world! In case you are vibrating at a high vibrational level, you’ll not find people like this in your world. If you’re noticing that there are numerous Psychic Vampires in your world, then it is a sign that you could be need to uncover some more light in your own consciousness.

At first, nevertheless, until you may get your own light shining very brightly, I recommend that you simply keep away from or limit exposure to Psychic Vampires.

Do you think different psychics and writers are dramatizing the dangers of Psychic Vampires?

I definitely do consider that different psychics and writers are over dramatizing the risks of Psychic Vampires. I think they are mainly coming from the concept of scarcity. The worry based mostly idealism that believes there’s only so much energy to go around, and we’ve to protect what we have. They’re also coming from the perspective that others have the facility to hurt you. It is really only what you think and feel that creates your reality for you. In the event you believe that others have the power to harm you, then they can because you imagine that they can.

Whenever you turn the light on where does the darkness go? Once you activate the heat where does the cold go?

This metaphysical truth is simple; there’s light or there is „no light“; there is heat or there is“no heat.“ Darkness is just an absence of light and never a reality of itself.

Essentially the most valuable resource now we have is oxygen. Would not it be foolish to go around fearful that another goes to take up to a lot of our oxygen? Unless you have got a breathing condition yourself you would not have to be consciously concerned about the oxygen levels of the places you go or how a lot others take.

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